Learn more about the brands featured in beRESONANT. All brands are black-owned and create garments through RESONANCE's create.ONE platform which allows them to adapt a make-to-order model. This makes them inherently sustainable as there is zero waste.  

Many of the brands here were part of our 2020 beRESONANT Accelerator Class with more brands now joining on a consistent basis. Learn more about the accelerator here, and about the brands below:


The designer duo of Bruce and Glen Proctor doubles as ministers at The Rock Churches earning the name, The Fashion Preachers.

The twins' New York fashion adventure began after dropping out of school (not by choice) and interning for Beyonce. After fits and starts, including lengthy careers launching celebrity brands for Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Diddy and a lay-off, the duo relaunched BruceGlen in 2019 with a focus on accessories and followed up with the debut of their sustainable clothing line in 2020 in partnership with beRESONANT.


DEMESTIK /pronounced domestic/ is a sustainable lifestyle brand featuring versatile and effortlessly chic designs. The brand's ethos is to encourage its customer to discover the true feeling of self love and real happiness through clothing that enhances your confidence and welcomes compliments to you from yourself and the world. .  

Reuben Reuel /pronounced Roo-buhn Roo-el/ is the designer & creative director behind DEMESTIK. A native of Virginia Beach, VA with an ancestry from West Africa, he journeys through the past, present, and future to fabricate fresh designs.

Through his timeless thinking, he pulls inspiration from his imagination, cultures experienced and places unknown. Reuben Reuel focuses on his vision to create beauty for real life and share it with the world to make it a more beautiful, colorful place.


Founded in Los Angeles in 2017, Izayla is a timeless and versatile contemporary brand catering to women all over the world. Izayla mirrors its founder's, Isha Dunston, personality and style through a classy and edgy, yet cozy, aesthetic. Izayla was created for women who can be both sophisticated and conservative, all while being comfortable. The brand encourages women to be one thing: unique.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, JungleGurl, founded by Natalie Golonka, draws inspiration from surf culture and Hawaiian island vibes. To date, the brand has partnered with innovative brands including collaborations with Fear of God and Reebok. However, at its core, JungleGurl remains focused on creating unique pieces on a made-to-order basis.

When it comes to Golonka's inspiration for creating JungleGurl she had to look no further than family. Her dad, Jungle, is one with the water. Surfing is his art and the beach is his soul. Her mom, came from a more traditional, Norman Rockwell-ian background. JungleGurl is the marriage of island culture to classic Americana with a large dose of that uninhibited free spirit. That’s what Golonka believes makes JungleGurl for everyone.


Lola Fatoruti, the designer behind Lola Faturoti Loves, has already lived a couple of lives in the fashion industry. Born in Nigeria, and heavily influenced by her grandmother's work, Faturoti saw her fashion journey take her to London, New York, and Milan en route to strong commercial success for her eponymous label, Lola Faturoti.
At the height of this success, Faturoti took a step back to learn about herself, and the human condition. During the hiatus she reflected on what she considered important and the damage the fashion industry had inflicted on the environment and on traditional societies. The time off inspired Faturoti to launch Lola Loves Cargo, a sustainable brand that celebrates tradition, joy, and responsible manufacturing.
Lola Loves Cargo turned to Lola Faturoti Loves in 2020, when Faturoti joined beRESONANT and was able to launch a truly unique and sustainable denim line. 


MAM Couture is a lifestyle brand created for those who refuse conformity. The brand celebrates individualism and freedom in the world of high-end fashion. Those who risk all for reward inspire MAM Couture.


Megan Renee is a women's contemporary brand created by Megan Smith in 2016.  The Los Angeles based brand came to life after Smith's time as a designer for multiple brands' private label and after she took stock of just how wasteful fast fashion could be.  

Smith's first collections were created from deadstock fabric, and, after joining beRESONANT, the brand prided itself on holding little to no inventory. 

After appearing on Amazon Prime’s Making the Cut fashion design competition show and receiving praise from celebrities such as Naomi Campbell the brand’s popularity grew overnight. Her designs have been featured in several publications and worn by celebrities such as Issa Rae, Becky G, and Dominique Fishback just to name a few.

Smtih draws her inspiration from her travels and from the strength and beauty of women. The brand’s signature is bold prints in wearable staples and coins itself as the next DVF. Like its creator, 'Megan Renee' embodies strength, confidence, and unapologetic femininity.


MØØN/5UN is a brand of designer clothing created for the fashionable parent that desires stylish and unique apparel for their little humans. Inspired by a child’s imagination and a futuristic world where the universe is in grasp, the label’s non-binary gender approach to fashion allows for creativity, freedom, and play. MØØN/5UN is functional and inspired gear that both little humans enjoy and that their parental units love.


Feminine, flirty, and versatile. These are just a few words that Melissia Hill, Ooshie's founder, would use to describe her brand. Founded in Brooklyn, New York City the brand creates elegant clothing with a resort feel for women of all walks of life to enjoy. Whether on vacation or close to home, the brand's designs aim for comfort and effortless style.

All prints are hand drawn and designed by the designer herself, and one can always expect exotic motifs, vibrant florals and unique color combinations. Ooshie's philosophy is the essence of style and beauty starts with the beholder's attitude; the clothes just enhance what is already there. Hill is an avid believer that "When you feel good, you look good!"

Passionate about life, Hill is focused and dedicated to her vision for Ooshie, which is to invite women to celebrate their femininity, sexuality, and magic.


Renowned is a Los Angeles based brand created by John Dean III. Dean, born in Cleveland, Ohio, developed Renowned as a creative outlet to share and tell stories from a perspective that is relatable to anyone chasing a dream. Renowned collections exist to illustrate the duality of the American Dream. It aims to showcase not only the triumphs but also the obstacles faced during the pursuit of our goals and dreams. Renowned champions the culture in which it directly relates to and stems from. The brand formulates silhouettes, patterns, and motifs that bind the past, present, and aim to create a brighter and more dynamic future for all those who consume it.
The brand tells the story for those kids inside us all, idealistic, unique, hopeful but most of all already destined for greatness… it’s just a matter of time.


The intersection of reality and creativity. When energy becomes ideas and ideas become things. Supervsn continually captures the energy of its community at its inception and turns it into streetwear.



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